Department of Psychiatry

The Department of psychiatry, College of Medicine, Qassim University was established in 2001. The College of Medicine was the first college in Saudi Arabia based on Problem Base Learning (PBL). The department is committed to education, research and patient care related to mental illness.

The Department of psychiatry is focused on the education of future physicians in the subject of Psychiatry. The department runs a psychiatry course for undergraduate medical students at their fifth year of medical college.


Our aim is to train the medical students in psychiatry to be able to diagnose and manage common psychiatric conditions. Also to increase awareness among the community about psychiatric illness and ways to prevent some of them.

 The faculty members of the department are dedicated to understand and manage all aspects of psychiatric illnesses. The department treats psychiatric patients in all age groups for both males and females through their outpatient psychiatric clinics and the referrals from other departments.

Our faculty with the collaboration of mental health hospital conducted and planned several researches concerning mental health, amphetamine abuse, genetic basis of mental illness, stress, depression, anxiety disorders in specific population.

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