Department of Radiology

The Department of Radiology at Qassim University is committed to excellence in teaching and research in medical imaging. It provides undergraduate education throughout all years of medical school. It also provides radiology courses at College of Rehabilitation in Buraydah, as well as at College of Medicine at Sulaiman Alrajhi Colleges in Albukayryah.

The Medical Imaging Curriculum in our medical school is composed of a two-hour-credit course for the fourth year medical students, as well as several lectures scattered throughout different blocks and courses in the pre-clinical and clinical phases. Students are taught on radiologic normal anatomy and radiologic signs of common pathologies. They are also taught on how to develop basic skills in image interpretation and learn appropriateness guidelines in utilizing imaging studies for diagnosis in clinical practice.

Goals, Roles and Activities:

  • Educate the medical student on the role of medical imaging in patient care; and educate them on safe and effective use of medical imaging studies.
  • Integrate the Radiology curriculum into Qassim University Medical School curriculum throughout the pre-clinical and clinical phases.
  • Mentor medical students toward a career in Medical Imaging using research and guiding interested students.
  • Collaboration with other colleges (e.g. Sulaiman Alrajhi Colleges) which enrich the teaching experience, and strengthen the bonds between Qassim University medical school and other institutions.
  • Participation in community service through delivering medical consultation services to Qassim hospitals, and through participation in health awareness programs (e.g. participation in Balasm Organization Cancer Awareness Program).


Contact information:

+966163800050, Ext: 2443

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