About Vice Dean of the College

     Vice Dean is responsible for establishment of a quality assurance system across the College, and confirmation of the integrity of academic programs by upholding professional and accreditation standards. This involves working collaboratively with a wide arrange of academic and administrative Staff, Heads of department and the Quality Assurance Unit to maximize consistency of practice across the College, support processes that assure the quality and standards of activities; and ensure that the student experience from admission to graduation continues to attain the highest possible standards, and that the College maintains and enhances its status through effective quality enhancement strategies. He coordinates and supervises all development processes and quality procedures for the College.

    He executes and supervises operations required by the university and the College internal quality management system in addition to support college units in satisfying the requirements for academic and administrative accreditations by national and international bodies. He is also responsible for developing and monitoring the implementation of the college strategic and action plans and contributes to the implementation of relevant initiatives of the strategic plan for the University.

Dr. Faisal Almohaileb


14:16 PM